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whyhire a copyeditor
What Makes a Great Copyeditor?

Here’s my take on the most important skills a copyeditor can provide.

As a publisher, you value a copyeditor who:

  • knows your style guide inside and out
  • knows how to query: respectfully, directly, conciselyView Page
  • knows when to query: covers all the bases, but does not ask about things that are covered in the style guide, nor explain every edit
  • uses good editorial judgement concerning when to apply language rules and when to leave text “as is”
  • is perceptive to the nuances of the author’s voice and writing style
  • is up to date on technical skills
  • has exceptional organizational and communication skills
  • delivers your project on time, with a great cover letter and a smile!


Some additional qualities that an independent author looks for are:

  • assurance that I will not change or trample your unique voice and style of writing
  • good communication from start to finish regarding schedule, contractual details, costs
  • a finished product that exceeds your expectations

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