Why Hire a Copyeditor?




Looking for a copyeditor? Or are you perhaps  wondering if you even need a copyeditor?

Consider this: Even with all the technological tools we use every day, the written word is still king. It may be in a traditional form like a book or a magazine ad, or a handout you’re given at the doctor’s office; or in a technical manual for the cell phone you just bought; or on one of the gazillion websites that pull you in when you’re at the computer. But those written words have power.

When a passage is well written, we barely notice it. When a passage is beautifully  written, it pleases and inspires us. But if there are problems and mistakes in a text, or if the content doesn’t flow logically, the reader may drift away or feel confused. Worst-case scenario: the reader is left with the impression that the writer is either ignorant or careless (or, in the corporate world, that the product is somehow lacking).

One author I know put it this way: “Spelling and grammar errors are the visible viruses, the flies in the ointment, the red flags that shout out, ‘AMATEUR!'” (A little harsh, maybe, but it gets the point across.)

One of the most fun and fascinating aspects of this work is that copyediting is both a science and an art–and an excellent copyeditor is adept at both. The science aspect addresses the purely mechanical aspects of language: finding and correcting typos and errors in grammar and usage. The art comes in when there’s a need to help craft and polish words so that the language expresses the author’s style and thoughts in the best way possible.

I truly enjoy editing and strive every day to  learn more about language and the written word. You write because you have something important to communicate. Partnering with a professional editor will provide you with that “second pair of eyes” that even the best writers need.

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