Food & Cookbook Editing

Food, fabulous food!

There’s nothing more fascinating to me than the art and science of cooking. And I’ve known for a long time how important it is, for both experienced and untrained cooks, to be able to rely on recipes that are thoughtfully and skillfully written.

As a food editor who’s also been a professional chef, I understand how to shape a recipe so that cooks can SUCCEED. We all spend time, money, and energy to cook—and the last thing we want is to be embarrassed or discouraged when a recipe fails. I find that in too many cases, the fault lies with an unclear or incomplete recipe—not with the cook.

When I edit a recipe or food essay, I’m on the lookout for two things: first, correctness and consistency in the mechanical aspects of the writing (typos, grammar, recipe-writing standards) and second, anything that might cause confusion or steer a reader in the wrong direction. This way, you’re free to do what you do best—write creatively and expertly about food—while I provide the “hidden hand” that takes your writing to the next level.

The result? Happy readers and more good food to go around!


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